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Friday, July 9, 2010

Just the beginning

As a housewife one of the concerns I have everyday is what are we going to have for dinner. I love to cook and its also my stress reliever believe it or not. I decided to start a blog on easy and yummy dinners. I want to share with everyone recipes that I've come up with, recipes I've changed and made my own, and also recipes that have been shared with me that I enjoy making. Hope this can help every mom out there that worries every day about something yummy and easy to make to put on the table!!! Enjoy!!

Before I start here is a little about my life and family who are my biggest and most wonderful food critics!
Dutch is my wonderful husband of 7 years. He is my best friend and my biggest food critic. He blames his weight gain on my cooking hehehe! He is my picky eater and because of that I have to modify a lot of my recipes to his liking. He completes me and has made me the happiest woman in the world. I am lucky to have him in my life. I am grateful for his hard work and for being such a great husband and great father.

Stephan Luis Howe is my oldest who is 5 years old. He is my adventurous one who is not scared of anything! Whether its climbing a tree all the way to the top, hopping our fence because he doesnt want to play in the backyard anymore and doesnt want to go in the house to go out the front door or trying to find snakes and grasshoppers in the backyard this boy is always doing something! I love him for his fearlessness although it makes me scared that he isnt scared of anything. He is also my sportsy kid. He loves soccer, baseball and football and is really good at all of them. His newest adventure is swimming. Just yesterday we took them swimming to the reservoir and as we were in the water playing he looked at me and said "hey mom look at me I can swim under water now" as I turned around to look at him there he was swimming underwater towards me. With Stevie I cant take much credit for teaching him how to do much of what he knows. He has always been independent and somehow figured things out on his own. At the age of two he watched all the kids in the neighborhood riding their scooters and so he wanted to try and did it. At the age of three he learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels and then learned how to ride a skateboard. Im amazed and couldnt be more prouder of him!!!

Samuel David Howe is my youngest who just turned 3! He is my mommas boy. Always wants to come with me everywhere even if its just to get the mail! He is also my tree climbing, bike riding trying to ride a skateboard now boy! I think he is trying to follow in his brother's footsteps. He loves to go on adventures but on his own without telling anyone which always can make me kinda crazy! A couple of weeks ago the kids were playing outside and when I looked to check up on them Sami wasnt there. I sent Dutch (my hubby) to look for him and sure enough as he went outside to look there came our neighbor with Sami who had decided he wanted to ride his bike farther away from the house. Thank goodness we live in a cul de sac with great neighbors or else I would be in serious trouble with this one. He is also my SUPER BUNNY!! ready to save the day and help mom out whether its vacuuming, cleaning and even cooking he always wants to help! I also couldnt be prouder of him! He is my cuddly, loving boy who always has a kiss and hug for mom!

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